Feral cats


Do you have a vacancy for an out-of-work mouser?  CP always have feral cats, and 
they can't be rehomed in a domestic situation.
True feral cats are the offspring of stray or abandoned domestic cats.  They live
where they can survive and may have little or no contact with humans.  As a result,    
they are often scared of people and will avoid them.
Farmers, stable owners and smallholders often value them as working mousers.  A
healthy feral colony is far more likely to keep vermin levels to a minimum.

Despite their wild nature, to remain healthy they do need a certain level of care including:
Regular feeding: regulary fed ferals make better hunters than hungry ones!
Shelter: they need somewhere warm and safe to rest.
Neutering:  this has major health benfits and controls the colony population.

CP operate a Trap, Neuter, Release system, where cats are trapped as they are too wild
to be handled.  They are checked by a vet and treated for parasites under
anaesthetic.  They are then neutered and returned to their 'homes'.  CP  may be able
to help with the cost of neutering (see above).

In some cases, though, when colonies become to large, or have health problems,
sometimes CP has to step in and remove the cats. In most cases, adult feral cats
cannot be domesticated as they have not been socialised when they were young.  Very
young kittens can often be socialised and homed like any other kittens.  We then
need people who are prepared to care for the adults and their basic needs.  We come
and set up a feral pen, then after 6 weeks the pen is opened so the cats can come
and go.  Then we come and remove the pen, and the cats get on with their new lives. 
This is very successful, and we have many people who are delighted with their
mousers, or just enjoy giving cats like this a home.
If you are interested, please give us a call.